Download videos and music from TikTok with DropTik—a simple solution that meets your needs

The DropTik online service enables you to download music from TikTok for free and play videos from a URL without a watermark. You can save tracks and recordings without decreasing their resolution/quality to a smartphone, tablet, or PC running any operating system. Whether you are an Android, iOS, or Windows user, the platform guarantees an easy and intuitive process for downloading files, both MP3 for audio and MP4 for video.


Play videos and download music from TikTok for free without a limit on the number of requests per day.

No watermarks

Nothing is more trouble-free than downloading a TikTok video with the logo removed from a URL without recourse to third-party mods and apps.

MP4 and MP3

Save videos in HD quality, MP4 standard format, or convert them into MP3 audio using automatic conversion features.

How do I download TikTok videos without the logo on the screen?

  1. Find the desired video or other content (effect, hashtag, or sound) on the TT app, then play it.
  2. Tap the arrow-shaped “Share” button. You can also tap and hold the video until a menu appears.
  3. Copy the clip URL, return to our service website, paste it into the input field, and select the “Download” button.

No extra actions or installation of modified programs are needed. DropTik is a simple and convenient solution to download a TikTok video from a URL without a watermark. All you need to get started is a standard web browser and a URL to the desired media fragment. After a few seconds of waiting for the ripping to complete, the file will be ready for later viewing, listening, editing, or sharing.

Push the boundaries of your creativity by downloading videos in original quality, free of on-screen clutter, thus making it as easy as possible to integrate them into your projects and everyday life. And if you are only interested in music hits and the latest releases from the most-streamed artists, convert MP4 to MP3 in one click, downloading only the soundtrack of your favorite song or video clip if necessary.

This web resource enables you to download videos without watermarks, which is convenient for editing and future publication.

You can download from TikTok as many videos as you like, and you do not have to pay anything.

To use the service, no profile is needed—just open the website and paste a URL.

Thanks to the optimized infrastructure, downloading occurs almost instantly and without losing quality.

The supported online MP4 to MP3 converter for TikTok videos allows you to download trending English music and Russian songs.

The TikTok downloader is compatible with all web browsers for any OS, including Windows, macOS, Linux, Android, and iOS.

Downloading TikTok videos to your smartphone

To download a TikTok video with the logo removed to an Android smartphone, you need to perform a few simple operations, which will take very little time:
👉 Step 1: Launch the TikTok (formerly Musically) app—imagine it is your spaceship navigating a borderless universe of videos.
👉 Step 2: Spotted a trending video you want to download? On its page, find the “Share” button. It is not hiding in a black hole—you will see it on the right side of the screen, looking like a nice little arrow.
👉 Step 3: Select the “Copy Link” option instead of “Share.” It is your teleporter to the next stage.
👉 Step 4: Go to DropTik, the official TikTok downloader website. On it, paste the copied URL in the field with the self-explanatory name of “Paste Link.” You cannot miss it because it is placed at the very top of the web page.
👉 Step 5: Click “Download”. If you want a specific remix or even the soundtrack from a recording rather than the video clip itself, do not forget to change MP4 to MP3 to save the audio from a video as a separate track for downloading.
Voilà! You have successfully rescued your favorite video from the TikTok galaxy; it is now free of the constellation of watermarks and enjoys a universal format. You can do with it whatever you want, but please respect the author's rights to the original work.

TikTok video and music downloader for PC

Whether you are a Windows wizard, a Mac maestro, or a Linux luminary, we offer you a quick and hassle-free downloading of TikTok videos from URLs to your PC. Say goodbye to cluttering your device with dubious apps and mods. Our downloader functions in the browser mode without requiring you to install extensions, create accounts, or pay for non-free subscriptions. Our TikTok downloader is available online on a no-fee basis, and you can take advantage of it by saving videos without watermarks and a decrease in quality literally in a mouse click. And most importantly, it is compatible with all OS versions. To download trending music, sad songs, or funny videos from TikTok to your personal computer while removing a watermark, you only need the link to the desired content. Once you get it by following the instructions from the mentioned user guide, insert the hypertext into the ripping line, select the file type and click “Download.”

Downloading TikTok Videos to iPhone or iPad (iOS)

If you own an Apple device, you can also use the TikTok downloader for free, but there are nuances. You will first have to install a specially designed software tool, Documents by Readdle, available at the App Store. The reason is that under the Cupertino iOS/iPadOS app protection policy (APP), Apple customers cannot download a video from a TikTok URL to an iPhone directly from a browser. The same rule applies, of course, to music. When installing the add-on, copy the URL to the TT content from the global video hosting application and open Documents by Readdle. A web browser icon will appear on the bottom right of the screen. Tap on it. In the window that opens, make a search query for DropTik, visit the website of our TikTok video and music downloader without a watermark, and follow the above instructions for downloading files.


Is there a fee for downloading TikTok videos without watermarks?

No, it is as free as the air we breathe. However, this statement applies only to our project; we cannot vouch for others. Here, you can download TikTok music for free from videos or play videos directly without paying a penny.

How do I download trending music from TikTok online?

Technically, TikTok does not offer a direct “Download Track” button, but our service gets around this problem, allowing you to extract the soundtrack from a video by downloading the resulting files of sounds, songs, and remixes in MP3 format.

Are any browser extensions needed to download content from TikTok?

Sometimes, yes. However, this is not the case with the DropTik downloader that functions as an independent web portal in all popular browsers—Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Safari (Apple), Microsoft Edge, Opera, etc.

Where on my device get saved the videos downloaded from TikTok?

It depends on the device. Most smartphones save videos from TikTok to the gallery, but their exact location depends on the OS and root folders. In the case of a PC, things are less complicated since you are usually asked to designate a save location for a file before downloading it.

Do I need a TikTok account to download videos and music?

Not at all. It is like window shopping: you can look and even take something home without entering the store. A URL to the content you may want to download is enough, which can be obtained without signing up.

Can I use your tool for downloading videos from private TikTok accounts?

Private accounts are private for a reason, but the good news is that with us, you can nevertheless download TikTok videos without watermarks from both public and private accounts. In the latter case, there may be failures, but they are rare.

How do I copy a URL to a TikTok video that interests me?

Easily and simply. Once you spot the content you like, click the “Share” icon (it looks like an arrow). Amidst an ocean of ​​pop-up symbols, a “Copy Link” field will appear. Tap on it and enjoy.

Where can I download TikTok videos in MP4 format to my iOS device?

The iOS world is like a walled garden—beautiful but not without rules. You need to find an app for downloading videos directly to your iPhone from your browser. One of them is Documents by Readdle.

Is there a limit on the number of videos without the logo I can download from TikTok per day?

No, we do not set such limits. It does not matter whether you decide to download a video from TikTok without the logo from a URL once a day or have used the downloader 1,000 times already—the service continues to work for free and with unrestricted access.

How do I safely download a TikTok video from a URL?

Use trusted websites, let anti-virus software be on guard, and remember: if a web resource looks suspicious, it is better to refrain from collaborating. We recommend adding DropTik to your bookmarks to be on the safe side when downloading videos or trending music from TikTok online.